Custom Made Clothing   


Markina Smith Atelier custom made designs are made according to your own unique measurements. Be assured that the finished product will fit you like a glove. All designs are made to order. Your design will be the only one of its kind!  Before sketching the design and offering you choices based off your desired look,  Bespoke designer, Markina Smith, will have a consultation with you to make your dream design come true. Bespoke designers create new patterns based on your particular measurements. This makes your outfits truly one-of-a-kind.

All creations are sewn in our Studio in Manvel, Tx with detail and care. Having a custom made garment created with couture techniques and quality fabric will give you that unique look and create a one of a kind expression of who you are.

Please take a look at our Portfolio page to see our quality made custom designs.

The estimate for custom work is  based on cost of materials and how many hours of labor to put in.  Our labor cost includes pattern making, fitting, cutting, and the sewing process itself. Basic custom projects normally take a minimum of 10 hours. It can vary widely depending on fabric selection, style, and details. An estimate of the full cost will be provided upfront and should be agreed upon before any work begins. Our lead time of custom made clothing such as special occasion dresses is 3 weeks to 3 months depending upon detail of the design, whereas it is 5 months lead time  for wedding gowns or redesigning vintage bridal gowns.

  • The initial consultation to determine the design, style, and fabrics, is $25/hour (1 hour minimum). Once you decide to pursue bespoke/custom made/restyle and redesign with us, this consultation fee will be used toward your order. Please bring your ideas such as pictures and drawings.
  • A deposit to cover supplies such as fabrics is required upfront.
  • 2-4 fittings are required before the garment is completed depending on complexity of design.
  • Final payment is due at delivery.
  • Even if you are not local and cannot see us physically, we can do all of the above processes long distance.

For more questions and concerns or placing your order, please contact us via our contact form and give us full detail. Our bespoke bridal gown starts at $800 plus cost of materials and special occasion dress starts at $175 plus cost of materials. Please make sure that you fill out “Budget” for any costume inquiry, which gives us the best option to determine what types of fabrics we can use to fit into your budget.

If you live within 20 miles of Manvel, Tx area fittings can take place at your home or workplace. Once the transformation is complete, the garment will be returned to you at the time of your convenience. A travel charge applies to this service.